Ongoing assessment & training in education

Ongoing assessment & training in education

Ongoing assessment & training in education

OAT in Education ensures that your educational project meets the objectives defined and guarantees its successful implementation

The quality control plans, follow up and evaluation systems are quality assurance processes that guarantee the effective implementation of the educational programs. We analyze each project and design a quality plan according to a set of standards, procedures and quality assessment tools. With the use of the Quality Assessment Tools Systems – QATS we ensure that all criteria is met, detect possible shortcomings and take immediate actions to ensure the highest quality of your project.
We offer teaching and learning coordination services in higher education. Our aim is to respond your training needs by proposing pedagogical methodologies, teaching and learning management systems and assessment criteria. We are experts in designing and implementing:

  • E-Learning, B-Learning, face to face and self-learning courses
  • Cross-curricular group activities
  • Monitoring learning actions
  • Analizing and reporting training impacts
patricia Peralta Lasso

Patricia Peralta Lasso

E-Learning Coordinator and Quality Expert

Manager – OAT in education

  • Designs and coordinates online courses as well as implements quality control plans, follow up and e-assessment procedures for international projects.
  • She is also been engaged as expert – technical assistance for alignment in organ donation within an european project to design and educational methodologies and assessment techniques that involve the development of specific evaluation tools and she has managed so far more than 15 projects as coordinator since 2003.
  • She has worked in different areas of knowledge such as health, cooperation, sustainability, development, decentralized cooperation and digital literacy, among others. She has cooperated in online and face to face training for trainers as well as in the design of educational materials.

Contact me

    Patricia Peralta Lasso
    Barcelona – Spain
    Phone: +34 670 21 94 38